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8 November 2010

Baby Fluffy Leather

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Baby Fluffy Leather

Characters in Molly Moon


Molly Moon

Molly Moon is a 11 year old orphan with pink blotchy legs, curly brown hair, a steady droning voice, large, hypnotic,, dark green eyes and a "potato nose". She likes eating ketchup sandwiches and likes drinking orange squash concentrate (although when she goes to America she drinks shirley temples and grenadine).

Molly Logan's name derives from the fact that she was found on the doorstep of Hardwick House, (later to be renamed Happiness House), in a Moon's Marshmallows box. Her first name is because there was a lollipop stick in the box, so Mrs. Trinkleburry, the sort-of nanny, named her Lolly, but Ms. Adderstone, the headmistress, forbid Lolly as a name, so she renamed her Molly.

In the first book, Molly learned to hypnotize people after discovering a book about hypnotism. Using her new-found hypnotic powers she travels to New York looking for her best friend Rocky, who was adopted and taken there, and gains the part of the main character on a Broadway musical called Stars on Mars. She stole a part in the play and she kicks out the original character, Davina Nuttel. She hypnotizes all of the crew to think she was the best in the world.

In the second book, she travels to the United States and learns that her parents are Lucy Logan, the librarian in Briersville, and Primo Cell, an American businessman. She also discovers that she has the power to stop time with the help of her big, clear crystal.

In the third book, Molly and Petula the pug are kidnapped by a power-crazy Maharaja who wants to kill Molly so she can't be the greatest hypnotist ever. She learns the ability to time-travel using special crystals (red and green). Forest (a hippie she met in the second book) and Rocky are also kidnapped later. The maharaja takes several other Mollys (from different times) so Molly needs to fix time before her entire childhood changes forever.

In the fourth book, Molly has to rescue her twin brother from the future. She also discovers through strange circumstances, that she has the ability to mind read after having her hypnotic knowledge taken away from her, though she gets it back. The villain in this book is a supposedly six-year-old princess who has a plan to take over the world.

It is thought that in the next fifth book, Molly's power will be to morph. Georgia Byng stated this in an interview which is shown on the UK website. Others say it is telekinesis, the ability to move heavy objects with the mind. But Georgia Byng said that it would be morphing.

Molly also has a pet pug named Petula, who she rescued from Miss Adderstone in the first book. Petula is also a hypnotist and it is revealed near the end of the third book that she can also stop time. Petula enjoys sucking on stones. She helps people with hypotism. One time she hypnotized some mice. In the fourth book, Petula helped Molly hypnotize dozens of guards.

She also hated the headmistress of Hardwick house(where Molly stays during some of the first book) but she escapes from her(which is where she thinks her powers come in handy)!

Rocky Scarlet : Rocky Scarlet heit Rocky weil er so eine heisere Stimme hat, ein wenig hat er seinen Namen auch von dem Kinderwagen in dem er lag als er gefunden wurde dessen Name war nmlich Rocker Scarlet. Molly und er sind schon Freunde seit sie denken knnen. Er ist ein ruhiger Kerl und des braucht nicht viel um ihn zu verunsichern. Rocky kann auch hypnotisieren und hat sich auch zwei Kapitel aus dem Buch gerissen. Seine Strke ist das starke Hypnotisieren, doch um so stark zu hypnotisieren braucht man eine Weile.


Petula is Molly's black pet pug. She was once owned by Miss Agnes Adderstone, but was rescued by Molly. In various books, Petula has learned to hypnotise. She has the ability to hyponotise others. She hypnotised sleepy mice in California in the second book. In the third book, Petula stopped time. Most significantly, Petula helped Molly gain entrance into the mind machine room by hypnotised Miss Cribbins' evil pet, Taramasalata.

Petula is now known to be a doggy hero.

Micky Minus

Micky Minus is the twin brother of Molly Moon. When Molly learnt of her twin in the final chapter of book 3, she, Rocky and Petula go back in time to find who took her brother. The adventure becomes dangerous when she realises that it is a time-travelling hypnotist from the 26th Century who has taken her brother to the disturbed Princess Fang (see below)

Molly's brother is named Micky, after the St. Michael's Hospital tag he wore around his wrist. During the travel to the 26th Century, this tag is snapped in half - one half reading "ST. MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL MALE LO" and the other half reading "GAN TWIN".

Like his sister, Micky has huge hypnotic potential. To ensure the young hypnotist doesn't revolt, Princess Fang and Miss Cribbins pretend that he is very sick, and would die without their medication. Even his last name - Minus - suggests that the boy is worthless.

Using the second half of his hospital identification tag, Molly convinces Micky that they are siblings with surprising speed. It is also determined that he is not sick after all, and together they defeat the demented Princess and return to the 21st Century.

Micky changes his last name to Moon (partly to keep the alliteration) to match his sister.


Forest is Sinclair Cell's yoga teacher. He's a stereotypical hippie with dreads and likes meditating. He plays a secondary role in books 2 and 4 but is one of the protagonists in book 3. Though he has quite a weird personality and sometimes looks silly, but can be wise in some ways. He taught Molly many aspects of meditation that helped her a lot in book 2 and suggested some useful ideas about time travelling in book 3.


Ojas in an Indian boy from the year 1870. He has green eyes like Molly's and a straight nose. He's a Hindu. After both of his parents died, he began stealing to survive. On the other hand, he still has a kind heart and a sense of humor.

Molly first met him in book three when he stole her crystals for time traveling. They made a deal, and he returned them to her. Soon they became friends. Though Ojas is one of book three's main characters, he appears only episodically in book 4. He always calls Molly Mollee probably because of Indian accent, though his English is close to perfect.

Original Villains

'Professor' Simon Nockman

Simon Nockman (alias, Professor Nockman) is a chubby, ill-groomed man who wears a gold scorpion pendant around his neck. He also has 'bulbous' eyes and black greasy hair. He doesn't shower much instead using cologne to cover up the smell, giving him a terrible odour.

Simon Nockman's cruel way of life began at an early age, when his pet budgerigar Fluffy was caught in a rat trap set out by the landlord. His immoral parents did not offer him any consolence for this (his mother laughed). He learned to be mean and cruel from them. Since then, he has committed a range of crimes and schemes.

At the age of eleven, he learned how to steal goods. When he was an adult, he tricked an old lady into giving him her life's savings which she thought was for a stray-dog home. With that money, he bought his warehouses in Manhattan and started his business of dealing in smuggled goods and designer rip-offs.

After the Shorings Bank incident (see 'Plot' below) he was hypnotised by Rocky to be kind and good. He was also hypnotized to have a German accent, as his original Chicago accent might be recognized by police (he told the police about the Shorings Bank incident on the phone).

Molly, in order to make him a better person,told him that he could have a budgerigar whenever he did a good deed. Between the first and second books, he managed to get twenty budgerigars by doing thoughtful deeds. His German accent (which Molly Moon hypnotized him to have) wore off at the end of the second book, and he now speaks in his original scruffy Chicago accent.

Primo Cell

Primo Cell is a man,a hypnotist, father of Molly and Micky and he is good at heart, who was unfortunately hypnotised by Lucy Logan, who was hypnotized by Cornelius Logan (who was in turn hypnotised by the Maharaja of Waqt) to control celebrities and to become president and build a time-traveling crystal mine for his master's master while killing people who got in his way. He is very rich (money accumulated from his brands and products while being controlled) and ran for the position of American President. Primo became a different man when he was released by Molly from his bonds and showed much remorse for what he had done and he even confessed to his daughter (though unknowingly) and her friends that he now felt very lonely as he had no real friends and was loved by no one.

Maharaja of Waqt

The Maharaja of Waqt is a power-crazy man who kidnaps 11-year-old Molly and her dog Petula from the 21st Century. The Maharaja resides in 1870 India, and is a large and scaly man. He is the villain of Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time-travelling adventure. The Maharaja "...had something wrong with the way he talked. He got his words back to front - frack to bunt. He spoke in 'spoonerisms'."

To scare Molly, Waqt kidnapped four younger Mollys (aged 1, 3, 6 and 10) and Petula as a puppy, as well as Rocky and Forest from the eleven-year-old Molly's time. His real name is unknown, so he is simply known as Waqt. He has a servant called Zackya, and he is the first enemy of Molly that doesn't get reformed. The word 'Waqt' is Hindu for time.

Princess Fen Fang Feng Yang Yong Yin Ying Kai-Ying Qingling

Also known as Princess Fang, this dangerous character is the villain of book 4. On the outside, she seems like an excitable, over-intelligent six-year-old, descendant of brilliant 26th Century scientists. In reality, she is a vain, sixty-year-old nightmare. After travelling to the Bubble of Light at the beginning of time to feed her unhealthy obsession with beauty, Princess Fang's outward appearance became that of a child. In the process, parts of her brain became child-like, and she surrounded herself with sickening toys. Princess Fang resides in Mont Blanc (a mountain in the country Switzerland in the 21st Century).

Using time-travelling hypnotists, Fang kidnapped Molly Moon's twin brother and hypnotised all the residents of Mont Blanc. Fang has a dangerous machine that can suck knowledge out of a person's head and put it into another's. Similar to the Maharaja of Waqt, Fang has a speech impediment which disables proper prounounciation of 'r's and 'th's ('w' and 'f'/'d').


Agnes Adderstone

Miss Agnes Adderstone is a bone skinny, mean woman who has false teeth. She is believed to have grey hair and black eyes.

Miss Adderstone is the headmistress of Hardwick House who dislikes children, especially babies. She hates Molly Moon especially out of all the orphanage's children. Later on in the book, Molly hypnotises her to love planes and flying.

Agnes was absent during Book 2, but returned in Book 3 when Molly travelled back in time to return her past selves to their proper times. She was instructed to fart and burp in company, as well as to be kind to the children under her care when she was very drunk.

Before hypnotised by Molly, Petula the pug belonged to Miss Adderstone, who fed Petula chocolate biscuits that caused stomach aches.

Adderstone favors Hazel, because it is learned that she looked like her when she was dropped off on the doorstep of the Hardwick House.


Edna (surname unknown) is a mean, grumpy old woman. She is the cook of Hardwick House and was in the Navy as a sailor. She is rumored to have a tattoo of a sailor on her thigh. Later on in the book, Molly hypnotizes her to develop a passion for Italian cooking and the country of Italy itself. Molly also hypnotizes Edna to favor Molly and cooked good food for all the orphans except for Mrs. Adderstone and Hazel Hackersly (see Orphanage Children) and her friends.

Minor characters

Davina Nuttel

Davina Nuttel is a spoiled, not particularly pretty, child star whose lead part in Stars on Mars was stolen by Molly Moon. She has blue eyes and has a weak ability to hypnotise; however, she is not conscious of this fact. After Molly left New York, Davina got her part back (as referenced in the second book).

In the second book, she was kidnapped by Primo Cell. After Cell's plan was stopped for good, she was supposedly hypnotized by Sinclair (Primo Cell's adopted son) to study as Forest's helper (It doesn't actually say that in the book). Her current status (as of Book 3-4) is unknown.

Ms. Trinklebury

Ms. Trinklebury is a kind, stuttering old widow from the village of Hardwick. She is believed to have fading blond hair and watery blue eyes. She raised Molly and Rocky when they were babies. After the two of them were out of diapers, she only came back once a week to do the cleaning and the laundry. However, after the Shorings Bank incident, she came back to the orphanage for good. It is also revealed that she is an orphan.

In the second book, she and Nockman fell in love and became engaged. She appears only episodically in the third book and doesn't turn up in the fourth one as Molly is in the past/ future for most of these books.

Mrs. Toadley

Mrs. Toadley is a chubby, half-bald woman who is 'blubbery-faced'. She is the teacher of the class that Molly and Rocky are in, and is notorious for having a sneezing fit whenever she gets worked up.

Her status at the end of the first book is unknown, but she was probably not fired due to what Gemma and Gerry told Molly in one of the last chapters of Book 1. However by Book 2 she was fired as Molly has hypnotized her to tell everyone that she was a horrid bullying teacher. In Book 4, it is stated that she viciously beat Molly with a cane and ruler in front of the class.

Orphanage Children

There are seven children at Hardwick House (besides Molly and Rocky). They are:

Hazel Hackersly is a thirteen-year-old girl. She has not-that-pretty looks and a whiny voice. She is the most favored by Miss Adderstone out of all the orphanage children. While Molly and Rocky were away, she took over Miss Adderstone's bedroom. At the end of the book, it is revealed that her mother was a drunk and her father was violent. When Hazel first came to the orphanage, Molly was kind to her, but she pushed her away saying that her parents had loved her, and they had died. She was actually mean to Molly because she was jealous that Rocky and Molly had Mrs. Trinklebury to love them as a mother. In the second book, she dyes her hair platinum blonde and gets a walk-on part in an American film; thus, she has a fake American accent.

Roger Fibbin is a twelve-year-old boy. He is Hazel Hackersly's informant and spy, and updates her on all the goings-on behind her back. While Molly and Rocky were away, he took over the sanitorium after a big fight with Hazel. In the second book, it was revealed that he was hypnotised after seeing an argument between Cornelius and Lucy Logan. About a year later, Molly restored him to his normal self.

Ruby Able is a five-year-old girl and one of the few people who is actually nice to Molly at Hardwick House.

In the second book, it is revealed that she sticks her pictures up with bubble gum.

Jinx Eames is a five-year old boy who calls Molly by her real name. He is good friends with Ruby.

Gordon Boils is the second oldest at the Hardwick House. He is a messenger of Hazel Hackersly. Gordon invented the names 'Drono', 'Zono' and 'Bog Eyes' for Molly, and it is later discovered that these were key abilities for hypnotists.He is very strong.

Gerry Oakley is the best friend of Gemma. He is very eager. Gerry is six years old in first and first half of the second book. He loves mice, and has one in the first book which dies. At the beginning of the second book he has 10 mice, his favourite called Victor.

Gemma Patel is the best friend of Gerry. Gemma is seven years old in first and first half of the second book. She was the one who found the copy of the hypnotism book in Book 2.

At the end Gemma is the one who tells Molly all that has happened at the Hardwick House.

Lucy Logan

Lucy Logan is the great-granddaughter of Dr. Logan, the hypnotist who wrote the book which Molly discovered. In the first book, she is portrayed as the librarian in Briersville Library and has a major role in leading her daughter to discover her hypnotic talent (using hypnosis herself). It is was revealed in the second book that Lucy Logan had been hypnotized, put in a deep trance and controlled for eleven years by her twin brother, Cornelius Logan. It was also revealed that Lucy Logan is the mother of Molly and Micky Logan, and her husband is Primo Cell. Primo Cell (who was also hypnotized by Cornelius Logan ) is also a hypnotist. A fake Lucy (Cornelius) tried to kill Molly in book 2 because Primo had been de-hypnotized.

Sinclair Cell

Sinclair was an orphan. Until the age of four, he and his sister Sally were under the care of a circus ringleader who had adopted them (Sinclair and Sally bear no blood ties whatsoever). The ringleader was a hypnotist powerful enough to pose a potential threat to Primo Cell. Primo hypnotised the ringleader and his wife who became gardeners at Cell's mansion. Primo also adopted Sinclair and Sally. Sinclair pretended to love Primo as a father, but he always hated him. Loving Primo was the only way Sinclair wouldn't be hypnotised (unfortunately, Sally crossed the line, and was hypnotised by Cell).

Sinclair appears in book 2. He saved Molly and Rocky's lives, otherwise the magpie killer would have killed them. He hypnotised them for seven and a half months so they would be safe from Primo Cell. Once released from their hypnotic bounds, Molly, Rocky and Sinclair hypnotised Primo. If it wasn't for Sinclair, Molly and Rocky would be dead, and Primo Cell would theoretically rule the world. He is described as being fit and tanned with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes.

Hypnotised People

Primo Cell, in the eleven years he was hypnotised, managed to hypnotise many people including:

Suky Champagne- a young film actress. She wins an Oscar in the second book and comments on the bathroom attendant.

Hercules Stone- Hercules Stone is a hollywood actor. An African American, he is undoubtedly named after the mythical Greek character Hercules, who was the son of Zeus. In march of 2003, he was seen on the cover of Welcome to my World standing on a high cliff by the sea, wearing a Tarzan-like toga, with his black hair in dreadlocks. The head line said Hercules Stone invites Us into his Malibu Villa. He is known to wear a special kind of deoderant. He is known to flirt with women, as he was seen with a beautiful woman at the 2003 Oscar Awards. In 2003 he bought an instant hair growth product called Bye Bye Bald. Hercules likes hamburgers, but he is very nitpicky about how to make them, and in march of 2003 actually tipped his whole burger off his plate when he was not satisfied how it was made. It is unknown what happened to him. He was later seen with Mrs. Trinkleberry that November, and went out for dinner with the main characters of the series to a french restaurant, along with the rest of the famous Hollywood stars.

Billy Bob Bimble- child singing star, friendly with Rocky

King Moose- boxer

Cosmo Ace- actor

Tony Wam-karate expert

Shaggy Haired Boy and Girl- friends with Billy Bob Bimble

Gloria Heelheart- an actress who is nicknamed "Queen of Hollywood".

Stephanie Goulash- a singer

Molly Moon has also hypnotized:



Ms. Adderstone

The Kids of Hardwick House (including Rocky, but in another book)

Airport staffs

The Staff of Shorings Bank

Mr. Nockman

The Actors and Staff of "Stars on Mars"

Anyone who watched the "Check Out the Kids In Your Neighborhood" commercial(Made by Molly and Rocky to make kids' lives better

Anyone watching the Briersville Talent Show

A taxi driver

Primo Cell

Cornelius Logan

An Indian policeman in the year 1870

A shopkeeper in the same year

Another shopkeeper in 1970


Guards of Princess Fang's Castle

Ms. Cribbins

Princess Fang

Cornelius Logan

Cornelius Logan, a twin to Lucy Logan, is a brilliant hypnotist who hypnotised and controlled Primo Cell for eleven years so that Primo would become President of America and he could rule the world. He had stolen Molly and put her in the orphanage, because he was jealous of Lucy's happiness and wanted to ruin her life. Molly later hypnotised Cornelius to believe that he was a lamb. In the third book, it was revealed that Cornelius himself had been controlled by the Maharaja of Waqt at a very young age. Cornelious has yet to be released from his trance, but not in any of the four books released.

Nurse Meekles

Nurse Meekles is a kind, friendly woman at the palace where Princess Fang ruled. She always respected Molly and had watched Micky in his early childhood. Nurse Meekles actually helped the twins escape using a secret laundry chute going to the outside of the palace. Her husband's name is Axel, also known as Professor Selkeem, which is just Professor Meekles backwards. Her first name is Ai Mu.

Prof. Selkeem/Axel

The degenerated and good mad child genius formerly known as the good hypnotist, Axel. He is the husband of Nurse Meekles and lost his hypnotic abilities - a side effect of travelling to the Bubble of Light at the beginning of time far too often. His skin is described as being like leather and has a habit of drinking tomato juice which appears like blood to Molly, leading her to believe that he is evil. He also consumes rotten eggs and moldy pieces of toast, and is said to keep shriveled hearts in his treehouse laboratory, but they just turn out to be sun-dried tomatoes. He always speaks in riddles and rhymes, and likes talking to himself. After he lost his hypnotic skills as well as his mind and he became ugly in the Princess' eyes, he was sent to live with the Zooeys (the mutated former Royal family) as his servants. There, he experimented harmlessly, though crazily. He has some pet dognakes (snakes with Labrador's heads), and his favorite one is called Schnapps. He loathes Princess Fang, and distrusts deeply of Wildgust, a member of the mutated Royal family, since he believes he is evil. His intentions are misunderstood for a great part of the story.

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Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism by Georgia Byng

Molly Moon Stops the World by Georgia Byng

Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time-Travel Adventure by Georgia Byng

Molly Moon, Micky Minus and the Mind Machine by Georgia Byng

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